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RD Reviews of film "Everything I Could"

Maintaining mental health and stability is proving to be one of the biggest challenges these modern times are throwing at us. People are doing everything they can to maintain the sanity and sanctity of their close ones and still fail dreadfully. “Everything I could” is a similar story of a father who is trying to save his family from the clutches of mental illness, and failing. His failure is not due to any lack of efforts from his side, and yet he is the one to be blamed after his wife left.

This micro short film is a social commentary on the alarming rate in which mental illnesses are spreading. The lead actor, Ben Cable has given a stellar performance within a short span of 1 minute 22 seconds and has single-handedly elevated the quality of the film by a notch. His character of a loving and dedicated father, misunderstood by his children, was hard to portray within such a short period but Ben has brought such realistic humaneness to his character that the viewer will empathize with him immediately. All in all, “Everything I could” shows an honest effort in presenting an issue which is plaguing so many people around the world right now and does a remarkable job at it.


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